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August. For us in Colorado, August means never knowing whether to leave the windows up or down when we leave the car.

August 1st is Lughnasdah or Lammas - the first harvest - the harvest of the fruits. A fun - the sun is still shining, the light is beautiful and we're not really thinking about the quietness of winter yet - kind of harvest.

Even for those who have to start heading back to school, who start looking toward a less relaxed time, the light is still there when the work day is over. There are still cookouts and running through the green grass and water park days.

Life is cycling. It always does. 
Winter is coming - it always is. 
But right now, the light is still shining. And we can enjoy every warm golden moment.

Spirit Wise is a full-service metaphysical center, gift and book store located in Centennial , Colorado serving the Denver south metro area for over 28 years.

We offer a full range of classes, workshops, Bio-energetic Healing, Tarot readings, Astrological Charts, and more.  For that special gift you need, or a unique and rewarding experience, call or come in today!

Welcome all to Spirit Wise. The months and the year keep rolling on and the joy and wonder that is Spirit Wise keeps growing. Stunning new clothes that you will not find anywhere else and such a collection of jewelry that will leave you in wonder. Spirit Wise has never been more beautiful and full of life. Come in soon and find that perfect gift for that very special someone. Check out our facebook posts and our newsletter to keep up with all the events and gatherings, as well.

The Spirit Wise 

August Special

New Horizons Sale

It’s always a celebration when we restock old favorites and bring in some new. Of course, we love to share it with you as soon as we get it in. Come in and help us celebrate our abundance

Spirit Wise continues to fill the shelves with old iconic Tarot decks and new and ever more amazing decks.

Rare Tarot Decks

Now Available

We have a collection of rare, out of print, and HIGHLY collectable cards. Because of their high value, these cards are not on display. All cards are in wonderful condition! Please call Connie at 303-790-2974 for more information or to view a specific deck.

New shipments of wonderful and meaningful gifts are arriving at Spirit Wise daily. Never before has Spirit Wise had so much to offer those seeking to buy that special present. Spirit Wise continues to stock the very most amazing gifts and essentials as well as the ongoing offerings of services and seminars.

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Remember too, that Spirit Wise is almost daily receiving used books to be added to an already terrific selection in our used book room. You might find that hard to find title you’ve been looking for.

We at Spirit Wise would like to thank everyone who has shopped in our beautiful little store these past years either for the first time or as  returning customers. You are the folks that help make small businesses successful. 2017 a was very good year for Spirit Wise and 2018 has been even better. Many new folks have discovered our amazing little store and old friends have continued to shop and visit. As the year has moved forward, we have continued to understand how truly thankful we have been to serve you. Our wonderful friends and customers have made Spirit Wise a joy and a blessing.